70% of marketing professionals report that video converts better than any other medium (CodeFuel) anchor text Don't forget other basic tips like sharing an evergreen piece of video content multiple times. By placing it in your rotation of reusable social posts you've got good odds of reaching viewers who missed it the first time around and getting more views, likes and shares in the long run. Like Dove, Always has been approaching their marketing by combining empowering messages with realistic -- as opposed to idealistic -- portrayals of their target audience. In their "Like a Girl" campaign, the company uses the famous insult to grab your attention -- and then change the conversation about what it means to run, throw, and fight "like a girl." [ ] Email your video-specific subscriber list the new video. Onzie $16.19 Prime Chad Vossen is the Chief Creative Officer and Co-Founder at 522. Chad’s combination of documentary filmmaking and marketing skills allows him to have a unique approach when connecting a client with what matters to their audience. Outside of work, Chad loves reading, writing, and finding cool new videos, in addition to spending time with his two daughters and his wife, Alisa.

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Worth Your Time, Energy, And Investment? There’s absolutely nothing wrong with using the camera that’s already in your pocket. It’s actually pretty high tech. Don’t invest in a lot of expensive equipment before you film your first video. Start small by shooting with your smartphone or tablet. You’d be surprised how many professional videos are made the same way. Nice list of video blogs, thanks for sharing! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H6xjhf1fHwQ Austin CASE STUDIES France 3 Audio-Visual Marketing Lessons from Real-Life Businesses YouTube Marketing, Know thy target like thy know thyself. BBC One categorizes its playlist and makes it easy for the audience to look through their videos. Survey: Marketers Increasing Investment in Online Reputation Management PRODUCT DESCRIPTION WRITING It's time to Get the HOTTEST Online Video Marketing Tips NOW!!! ICEA (1) Small businesses and marketing teams If you’re running video ads, they’d better be stellar. According to Mary Meeker’s 2016 Internet Trends report, 81% of consumers mute video ads. And Digiday says that 85% of Facebook video is watched without the sound turned on. About Us Virtual Event – April 11th, 2017 Don’t miss out on one of the best used car secrets … [Read More...] By using a creative, faux interview process to bring to light the impressive day-to-day routines of moms everywhere, it's hard for viewers to walk away from this video not feeling appreciative. (Now go call your mom and tell her you love her!) Blog (276) Who We’re NOT a Good Fit For at TSL And on YouTube, videos just shy of 15 minutes tend to get the most engagement. 2.  Viewbix Go Takeaways: Don’t try to fit everything into one video! If you’re covering topics from targeting to conversion and analysis, break your videos into a series like Eloqua has done. Focus on one topic per video to keep your message clear. Episodic content like this is great for building an audience of subscribers and animation can be a very approachable medium for addressing a subject that may still be a bit intimidating to your target audience (i.e. marketing automation is huge and some folks are just getting started, but the animation and style of this video makes the subject very user friendly). 5 Essential Steps to Success in Social Media Marketing Become An Instructor? Now that you know the topics you’ll cover and the general tone and structure, you can name your content marketing video series. DigitPro– On DigitPro Tony Zohari provides insight into the latest trends in the video marketing industry. Digit Pro features highlights of some of the best commercials and video marketing campaigns currently being released. Also included is specific tactical advice on improving your video marketing performance. What's Possible Through Marketing Videos? Get Started Rhode Island Create a book Fine Cut Another issue is how widespread video marketing is. These video marketing statistics suggest a lot of people are using it.  Aberdeen Group says 41% of marketers use video as a strategy. This channel is based on exclusivity and urgency — all content disappears within 10 seconds (or 24 hours for longer "stories") unless your followers choose to save it. It's important to be fun, natural and speak directly to your audience. This isn't the place for lots of editing or perfecting, but rather homemade video shot on your iPhone. Share real stories of what's happening in and around your business in a way that viewers can't find anywhere else. Use a custom thumbnail to further integrate your branding into every detail of your YouTube channel, videos, even the web browsers of your audience. Video Services Directory Essential Share your event videos to give leads a glimpse of what was on offer and what attendees learnt. Any talks or seminars can also be turned into shorter social snippets to entice potential customers to attend other events in the future. 3 Related tools Video Consumption is Increasing and Media Publishers and Influencers are the Real Winners Food & Drink 8360 East Raintree Dr, Ste. 225 What do you want to accomplish with your videos? You may want to attract more traffic to your website, gain more views, increase the number of followers, generate conversions, improve your brand´s image, reach more potential clients or get more sales. Jonathan Herz You might now know how to best market your videos, so they get seen by the widest possible audience. We couldn’t mention online video marketing without shining the spotlight on the vlogging community and a recent study by Global Web Index found that 12% of viewers learned about new brands or products as a direct result of watching their favourite vloggers, a fact that isn’t lost on the market leaders in multiple industries who are now using popular vlogging personalities as the face of their products or services. Vloggers and Youtuber 20 Phone: And if you follow tip #1, above, you might even see that it generates some stronger conversion rates. But if it doesn’t? Well, like anything in marketing, fail fast and learn from it. At least you’re moving forward. It is through video creation that you can clearly organize your thoughts and explain how you stand out from any other entities similar to yours. To do so, you have to make sure to engage in a kick-ass video production team that knows how to connect your business to your customers through their ideals and beliefs in you. Download Expert Member resource – Video and YouTube marketing guide Take our assessment earning loyalty (1) Live dance battle, anyone? Do not show me this again. Co-branded video material is a way to spread production and distribution costs between two (or more) brands involved in the sales channel. RIDGID needs The Home Depot to get its products in the end user’s hands, and The Home Depot sees strategic advantage in featuring the RIDGID brand. The video symbolizes a like-minded partnership of helping contractors get their job done. Eek…Well, if that’s the case then you best get to grips with the best practices for ensuring your video marketing campaigns smash your objectives and propel your social media forward. Below we reveal some of our favorite tips to help you create compelling, inspiring and actionable online videos. Other Landing pages with videos increase conversions 80%. Professional Staff Czech Republic Related Articles Your channel description belongs in the About section of your channel. Use this section to explain what your channel is about, why they should subscribe to it, and any additional calls-to-action you’d like to include. Toolkits and Templates We work with industry analysts and professionals to learn more about the online marketing industry. The success of the ASPCA’s campaign can undoubtedly be attributed to its evocation of emotion in viewers. Decades of research have shown how emotion influences human decision making in a major way. Emotion, used effectively, can really ignite your audiences to take action.  On the flipside, if sadness doesn’t suit your campaign, humor is another powerful emotion to consider tapping into. Adobe’s “Mean Streets” video—in which a desperate CMO goes searching for elusive clicks—is a hilarious, on-point example of how effective humor can be when done right, especially in B2B where audiences aren’t expecting it. There are several options. Name it after your: Do you feel like you’re missing out on the podcast craze? Not sure how to listen to a podcast, download… by Courtney Feairheller | Oct 23, 2017 | Content, Inbound Marketing, Marketing Sparx T&C Professional Staff advantages of video marketing|Get More Details And Information Here advantages of video marketing|Get More Details Here advantages of video marketing|Get More Information Here